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★ Alcyone - "Boom Cut #2" ★ Deep House Music 2020 ★ Ambient Chill Music 2020 ★ Underground House

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Alcyone - "Boom Cut #2"

Track #3 from the Alcyone album "Into The Light"

Full album playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfy7qChI6N7ANKpH3DjqvqdtGsge3V3hr

Although "The Stars Are Real" was the first "official" album release by the band Alcyone, the "Into The Light" album came first - created way back in the day, when Alcyone was a solo project; just a dream and a jumble of keyboards and electronics in a room out in the sticks.

Thirteen original deep house and ambient / dub / chill tracks capture the essence of the original sound - uncomplicated, emotive electronic music following in the tradition of Larry Heard, Carl Craig and William Orbit.

All tracks on the album composed by Alcyone Blackfeather between 1998 and 2001.

Artwork by Alcyone Blackfeather apart from the astronaut pic, which came from Pixabay.

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