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Best Gaming Music 2019 Mix ♫♫ Female Vocal Music Mix 2019 ♫ EDM x Trap x House x Dubstep

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Best Gaming Music 2019 Mix ♫♫ Female Vocal Music Mix 2019 ♫ EDM x Trap x House x Dubstep
⚡Stream On Spotify: https://lnk.to/7evenBrand
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1:Nitro Fun - Addicted [Monstercat Release] https://monster.cat/addicted

2:Konrad Mil - Break The Rules (Magic Free Release) https://fanlink.to/qjhi

4:Ez Quew & Vince Johnson - Gimme More (ft. Sarah De Warren & Oscar Del Amor) (Magic Free Release) https://fanlink.to/gmmr


6:Konrad Mil - Gold https://tr.im/KMGold

7:Arc North - My Love (Ft. Jonört) https://fanlink.to/my-love

8:it's different - Outlaw (feat. Miss Mary) [NCS Release] http://ncs.io/outlaw

9:InfiNoise - Sunlight (Feat. Nilka) [NCS Release] http://ncs.io/Sunlight

10:NEFFEX - Can't Losehttp://NEFFEX.com

11:CHILL ► Rival x Cadmium - Fight For Me (Lyrics Video) (feat. Chris Linton & Veronica Bravo) https://www.toneden.io/rival_official/post/rival-x-cadmium-fight-for-me-ft-chris-linton-veronica-bravo

12:JPB - Get Over You (feat. Valentina Franco) [NCS Release]http://ncs.io/GetOverYouID

13:Phoenix http://smarturl.it/phoenixlol

14:Konrad Mil feat. Yassi V - Evolved https://tr.im/Evolved

15:Nimi Dovrat - Run With You (ft Shannon Lawn) (Magic Free Release) https://fanlink.to/ccKA

16:ROY KNOX - Breathe Me In [NCS Release] http://ncs.io/BreatheMeIn

17:Zak Down - Never Growing Up (Magic Free Release) https://fanlink.to/MC012

18:Konrad Mil & Skyper - The Flight 2019 https://tr.im/TheFlight

19:Konrad Mil - Never Be Alone https://tr.im/NeverBeAlone

20:Konrad Mil - Shade https://tr.im/Shade

21:3mon - Paradise (ft. Kiara) (Magic Free Release) https://fanlink.to/prds

22:Biometrix - Still Awake https://fanlink.to/stillawake

23:Konrad Mil - Infinity https://tr.im/Infinity2019
♦ All rights belong to their respective owners. If any owner of track/background used in this mix is unhappy,please do not report us,take your time to contact us via mail
✉ ♦ 7evencloudmedia@gmail.com ♦ ✉
We will provide you proper credits or remove the video if you demand.

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