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Best New Year EDM ♫ Let's Celebrate New Year 2021 Music EDM spring 2021 ♫

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SMM EDM | Best New Year EDM Welcome TET 2021 Nhe You | Spring EDM 2021
EDM welcomes Tet 2021, Spring 2021.

Wish you a peaceful and prosperous New Year. ;););)

I have selected these tunes from the best ttttttrack list collection to send to you.

Thank you for loving your Music channel over the past time.

Wish you all have fun listening to music with lots of energy.
Let's welcome Tet!

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▶️ Tracklist


02:03 Two Steps From Hell - Star Sky Remix

05:03 For Your Future

07:50 Play Remix (Alan Walker, K-391)

12:11 Amadeus - Maximum Potential

15:33 Konrad Mil - Alive

18:25 Konrad Mil - Infinity

19:46 Alan Walker & Gigi D'Agostino - L'amour Toujours (Trippy Pepper Remix)

23:33 Magsonics - Nothing At All Ft. Jonna Hjalmarsson (Remedeus Remix)

27:05 Ch4mba - Leave Me Alone (Inspired By Alan Walker)

31:22 Ngẫu Hứng - Hoaprox ( Zang Remix )

32:22 Alan Walker - Faded (MI Shawon Remix)

35:26 Something Just Like This (Ân Beat Remix)

37:56 Jiaye - Fade Again

41:40 Alan Walker - Home (New Song 2020)

47:45 Konrad Mil - Never Be Alone

50:20 Sia - Move Your Body (Alan Walker Remix)

55:05 BEAUZ - Memories (Official Audio) ft. Linney

57:42 DJVI - Lonely Diva

58:54 Konrad Mil - Break The Rules (Magic Free Release)

01:00:32 Altero - Feeling

✉ If you have problems about copyright or label, please contact me via TWITTER or YOUTUBE. Thank you!
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