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EDM Breakdown/Tutorial - HARD TRAP | Mask On - Alex Kade Remix

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I've been getting a lot of questions about the production on this song, so I decided to just answer all of them at once in one little video. Leave a comment if you have any questions! - KADE

Intro (snare, synth, bass selection) - 2:23
Verse 1(drum programming tips, vocal processing) - 5:21
Build 1 - 9:06
Drop 1(my "approach" to mixing, synth selection, adding extra vocals to a remix) - 10:05
Verse 2 (keeping a song interesting) - 14:39
Drop 2 + Build 2 (making a different drop while keeping things relatable to the rest of the song) -15:23
My Sidechain Process - 17:51

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