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Electronic Cafe: Episode 9 - Essential New Wave / Synth: 1979 PREVIEWS - EDM Music

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Electronic Cafe: Episode 9 Music Playlist


If you know a good music when they hear it, but just don't know who is doing cool stuff that is way better than the drivel played on mainstream services and radio. The Electronic Cafe is your place to hear reviews on some of the coolest electronic music across the planet and is a channel designated to electronic music aimed squarely at electronic music fans.

We will look back at some of the greatest pioneers of 80's inspired New wave electronic synth EDM pop to later bands like Phantogram, The Detox Twins, (never heard of them right?) . . . well you will if you watch the Electronic Cafe channel.

Hosted by Mark Wibrow and Andy McNab, the simple mission is to bring cool music to the masses - what makes them qualified to do this?

Well, both of us have written, recorded and performed in bands, been music reviewers and continually talk to each other about cool stuff past and present and have an extensive knowledge of everything from the Beatles to Bowie to Sigur Ros to OMD to Talking Heads.

We are also two massive electronic music fans ourselves and with this channel aim to cover all aspects of the electronic music genre, be it new or old electronic music, including:


What we are listening and to connect with other likeminded people in the Electronic music and vinyl community.

People regularly ask us both for playlists and ask "Where do you guys find this stuff its awesome!" or "My god you guys have such a passion and knowledge for all things electronic music you MUST launch a YouTube channel - so we listened and launched the Electronic Cafe.

Basically we wanted to create a channel that we ourselves would be interested in watching (and share with fellow electronic music and vinyl music community).

We will look at what are some of the best releases we've heard this year, focus on an icon or icons, album review and from time-to-time we'll also give you tracks recommended by the one and only Rusty Egan - an amazing DJ, musician (Visage, Rich Kids, Blitz Club DJ etc) and electronic music pioneer!

Eventually we will increase the frequency, interview musicians, offer competitions to win cool music, and hopefully do more cool reviews and sessions with bands old and new!

BUT we need you to subscribe, so if you LOVE Electronic music - get involved, If you appreciate music, come and jump on board, if you want to make your record collection more than it is, come and meet Mark and Andy at the Electronic Cafe!!!

See you soon
Mark & Andy

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