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Epic Progressive Techno Tutorial | Live Electronic Music #140

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Progressive Techno Logic Pro X Template: https://www.wemakedancemusic.com/en/progressive-techno-logic-pro-x-template-live-electronic-music-140

Learn how to make progressive techno music by watching our free live tutorial and study the Logic Pro X Template from the session to practice what you have learned. The Live Electronic Music Tutorials give everyone the opportunity to learn music production at their own pace anytime anywhere. Unlock the secrets of electronic music now.

Episode 140 of our Live Electronic Music Tutorial sees our host Mikas create an epic progressive techno song in Logic Pro X using only the instruments and plugins included with Logic. Deep drowned bass and pitch shifted percussions are the key element of this techno piece, the result will be available on our site as a logic pro x template for only $5.

0:00 Introduction - What is progressive Techno
2:28 Beat Preview
5:30 Recording a bassline pattern in Alchemy
12:20 Recording a spacey lead in Alchemy
14:40 Creating an answer to the pad
22:33 Adding more melodic stabs
27:20 Recording a lead
33:00 Automating the pitch shift on a drum instrument
42:50 Final Thoughts

#musictutorial #musicproduction #techno #technomusic #progressive #logicprox #logicproxtemplates

All Logic Pro X Templates: https://www.wemakedancemusic.com/en/daw-project-templates/logic-pro-templates/electronic-music-jam-sessions

All Episodes: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmStSqY2iVmTaho9maXnL7n5PtHRbc7FU

Website: https://www.electronicmusictutorials.com

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