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Fixing my old beat into a chill EDM vibe for CHILL NATION in fl studio 20

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Hey It's Kobi McCoull, in todays episode I took an old beat and turned it into a chill EDM banger for chill nation or any chill vibe seekers. I have just moved into the new music studio and am really excited to share it all with you :)

Timestamps if ya want them :)
0:00 Intro - NEW MUSIC STUDIO setup
0:44 The old beat idea
1:45 Thoughts, good and bad parts + plan
3:25 Fixing the drums and sub bass + sidechain
4:36 Experimenting with major chord progression
5:26 Atmospheric counter melody from omnisphere
6:08 A smooth vocal idea appears
6:29 Final fixed beat with vocal production and mixdown
7:44 A WEIRD random noise Hijacks the project!!!
Final breakdown
8:44 Kick selection and balancing volume
9:36 Changing drum rhythms and style for tighter production
10:16 Tasteful sidechain of individual elements to the kick
11:48 EQ and Spacious Reverb technique, maintaining clarity and presence
12:59 Conclusions - FOCUS on mastering the BASICS!
13:21 Grateful for the studio, what is left to do?
13:53 Outro - thanks :)

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