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[K-pop Diet] Suzie tries Suzy’s diet| IU diet alternative

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Happy Wednesday!

I’ve taken the liberty to do another K-Pop Diet! Now, mind you I do these diets once in a while when I have gained weight suddenly due to over eating! Suzy’s diet has a lot of similar food as IU diet, so I explained some of the frequently asked questions in the previous IU diet. Just as a reference I usually weigh 52-53kg and 166cm (5ft5in)!

I altered the diet during the second and third day, instead of strictly following Suzy’s way.

Day 1
Breakfast: 1 sweet potato & chicken breast
Lunch: salad + rice
Dinner: 2 sweet potatoes

Day 2
Breakfast: 1 sweet potato
Lunch: salad+rice+chicken breast
Dinner: 2 sweet potatoes

Day 3
No breakfast
Lunch: salad+ chicken breast
Dinner: 2 sweet potatoes

Thanks for watching!

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