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[K-POP IN PUBLIC] [ONE TAKE] TWICE 트와이스 'Likey' dance cover by LUMINANCE (Christmas Ver.)

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Добавлено by В K-pop
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Hey guys! Happy New Year! ❤ 2020 is finally over, and though it's been an unfortunate year for us all in general, we somehow made it the most productive year we've ever had coverdancing-wise! To sum up 2020 we've decided to cover something fun and festive - this time we present you our dance cover for Likey by TWICE in public! Please look forward for our new covers in 2021 too! Thank you for your love and support throughout the year! We wish health, lots of luck and happy holidays!

@ddeesee as Nayeon
@chomkey as Jihyo
@daileees as Momo
@byunnara as Sana
@natella_yb as Mina
@mintili_s as Dahyun
@m.10bl as Chaeyeong
@minari.ru as Tzuyu
@miilvsky as Jeongyeon

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