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[KPOP IN PUBLIC CHALLENGE] NCT U (엔시티 유) - "Make A Wish (Birthday Song)" Dance Cover in Australia

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Happy new year everyone!! We want to make a wish ;) and look forward to a wonderful 2021! We wore masks for this cover and will also be wearing masks for future covers until COVID cases settle down in Sydney. Stay safe everyone!

If you enjoyed our covers, please give a thumbs-up, subscribe and leave a comment down below on which covers you would want us to do next! Please look forward to our videos as many more will come soon! Thank you!


FILMED BY: @mono.v4
EDITED BY: @winnie.___.c

Taeyong - @ashhhhchen
Lucas - @_pan.thea
Xiaojun - @thelittlexu
Doyoung - @vvy____
Jaehyun - @catbaoo
Jaemin - @winnie.___.c
Shotaro - @nayajennnyyyy

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