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[KPOP IN PUBLIC] KARD (카드) "GUNSHOT" by Dynasty Dance Crew | Melbourne, Australia

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Your words are like a gun~

This is our first upload for 2021! We were excited to do this cover especially with our member Luck because this is his first cover on our channel! Stay tuned to see more dance videos with him~
We also want to thank everyone for 3K subscribers, it means so much to us! We love uploading covers for everyone to see so it makes us happy that you guys support us x

Jiwoo - Steph @cyb3rguurl
Somin - Sheradyn @sherxdyn
Jseph - Luck @cheongluckwei
BM - Emmanuel @emxanuel.p

[ Details ]
Song - Gunshot
Artist - Kard (카드)
Filmed by Ken @kkenleong
Edited by Hannah @hannahkirkbyperformer

[ Follow us ]
Instagram - @dynastycrewau


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