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Liquid Fraction - Nature's Tranquillity - Deep Chillout IDM Ambiance Meditation Techno Mix Sep 2020

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One click Downloadhttps://archive.org/compress/liquid-fraction-natures-tranquillity-deep-chillout-idm-ambiance-meditation-techno-mix-sep-2020/formats=VBR%20MP3,ARCHIVE%20BITTORRENT,METADATA

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Ambient Outro
About my mixes. i have uploaded a new mix every week since 2012, this is my third new channel. When I put a set together I don't just chuck any old tunes in, I have to absolutely love each track. This can mean only producing a set when I have enough tracks, and to be fair makes the set that bit better, if not forever to make.

IMO especially with ambient techno I like to mix FAST playing each track not too long as some ambient techno can be repetitive and get boring, my Techno / Minimal Techno sets are even faster...IMO subtlety is the key...

First and foremost I make the mixes for myself and find tracks I want to put together in certain orders. If that means having the same artist 3 times in a row, so be it, I have to have that order... I always like to have a visual effect using ambient landscapes to set the scene, Especially with my IDM sets.

This is not to everyone's taste but I do it for myself looks great on a HD TV. i am over enthusiastic about my music to say the least. It’s not just music, all sound is music, the rain wind thunder etc., i love mixing deep dark ambient IDM with thunderstorm and rain, it's such an atmosphere...

I also love and mix minimal techno / ambient techno like - mind over midi - Martin Schulte - bvdub - quantec, you get the picture... some of my favorite IDM artists are..

ISAN - Anders liar - Boc Scadet Loess - Ruxpin - Thomas Fehlmann Monoceros - Deepchord - Quantec Secede - Echospace - Jeff Mills Maps & Diagrams - lackluster Casino vs Japan - Martin Schulte BOC - Dub Tractor - Yagya - Ochre - Textural Being - Milieu Porya Hatami - Sonmi451 Dave Clarke - Miss Kitten Lackluster - Deru.

Mix tributes so far: Artist: AROVANE. APHEX TWIN. BOARDS OF CANADA Parts 1-2-3. CASINO VS JAPAN. ISAN. XELA. MAPS & DIAGRAMS. JEFF MILLS Parts 1-2 TIPPER, BvDUB, Photek, Klute, Purl, Sleepy Town Manufacture, Coppice Halifax.

Tags Chimes, Rain, Thunder, Wind, Ambiance, Meditation,Sleep, Relax, dub techno,deep dub, nature sounds, chillout, deep, ambient techno, Ambient Techno Mix, Liquid Fraction, dub techno mix,

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