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my kpop comfort songs [bg. ver]

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Добавлено by В K-pop
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[ ♥ D E S C. ♥ ]

[ I N F O ]
↪︎ Profile; https://thejey.carrd.co
↪︎ Email; the02jey@gmail.com

© Can reupload but must give credit!
↪︎ "[Content belongs to YT @Thejey]"

hiii, hope you're all doing good♡ if you're having a hard time, take a deep breath. no matter what it is, time will make it bearable, so wait for better times, it'll be worth it.

bc of mbc and their strict copyright infringement i had to edit skz's stage, so turn up the brightness to see it better :3

– Blocked due to copyright claim in;
▹ Denmark

TAGS: #kpopcomfort #comfortsongs #kpop

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