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SHCR Live: 3asic

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May 28, 2020

3ASiC 是来自南京、现居深圳的电子音乐人,在中国和荷兰先后攻读了录音艺术和声音设计专业,他同时还是一位从小学就开始写代码的技术宅。这样的背景让他始终对「声音」和「技术」有着超出常人的痴迷与掌握。他的音乐风格和创作手法都不循常规,最近热衷于用无形的极端音色对听众的音箱进行现实世界里的物理打击。
3asic is a Nanjing electronic musician currently based out of Shenzhen. He studied recording and sound design in both China and the Netherlands. Since elementary school, he's also been a coding nerd. These backgrounds gives him a love and understanding of both sound and tech going beyond that of normal people. His musical style and creative process is also distinctive. Lately, he's been into using formless extreme sound designs to physically attack listeners' soundsystems.

自 2013 年开始,他活跃地参与到中国本土电子音乐场景中,表演遍布了国内各个音乐节和俱乐部,还曾被邀请至欧洲电子音乐盛会 ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) 演出。从他最新发布的几首单曲、和他在私人电台、俱乐部现场里播放的众多未发行曲目就可以窥探出他的音乐视野与下一步。
He's been active in China's local electronic music scenes since 2013, having performed at a variety of Chinese music festivals and clubs. He's also been invited to perform at Europe's ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event). From his latest releases and his unreleased tracks in his mixes on radios and clubs, one can see the future direction of his music.

他不仅在中文圈和说唱歌手 Jony J 共同缔造了播放量近亿的爆炸金曲《套路》,更受到众多国际音乐平台如 Boiler Room、Red Light Radio、Bass City 的支持,低音音乐王牌组合 Noisia 和才华横溢的 Ivy Lab 都肯定过他的作品。在俱乐部里,他总将 Bass、Grime、Experimental、Trap、Techno 等等不同风格的音乐元素融合在一起,给舞池营造独一无二的凶猛体验。
His credentials extend not only to the Chinese music industry, having co-produced the explosive chart topper《套路》with rapper Jony J, but also to the international scene, where he has garnered the support of Boiler Room, Red Light Radio, Bass City, Noisia, and Ivy Lab. In the club scene, he always fuses different styles such as Bass, Grime, Experimental, Trap, and Techno, providing the dancefloor a unique and fierce experience.

SHCR: https://www.instagram.com/shcr_radio
3asic: https://instagram.com/3asic

Tune in to SHCR: shcrad.io
Donate to SHCR: bit.ly/2LuVyKQ

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