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thuesday new deep house musik 2 relaxing at home

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Route 94 - Tell You Why (Original Mix)

thuesday new deep house musik relaxing at home

thuesday new deep house musik relaxing at home

After exploding with his hit single, 'My Love', and producing a track for Katy B's 'Little Red' album, the 19 year old production prodigy is back with his debut 'Fly 4 Life EP' .The sultry female vocals and 808 rim shot groove in the opening track, ´Tell You Why´, combine a touch of RnB and effects heavy vocals, creating a perfect track for dancing in a club or your living room. The EP's title track, 'Fly 4 Life', opens with a captivating bass line; it gets your attention like an approaching swarm of bees, and the lusty vocal samples and massive white noise sweeps switch the track flawlessly between classic soul House and shadowy Techno. 'In My Heart' and ´Walls Come Tumbling Down´ highlight the young producer´s deeper side showcasing warm bass synths, ethereal arpeggios and hypnotic vocal hooks. Already celebrated by the likes of Annie Mac and Skream, the ´Fly 4 Life EP' is sure to solidify Route 94's reputation as an international house staple.



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